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The new glass tile installation instructions is authored by glass tile installation experts David Fatula and Brian Fitzgerald. This comprehensive guide includes step-by-step instructions and important information from the TCNA Handbook. Utilize this installation guide to learn about:

  • Substrate preparation materials and techniques for variousapplications
  • Recommended installation materials
  • Step-by-step installation instructions for paper-faced mosaics, unmounted tile and film-faced mosaics
  • Learn cutting and drilling recommendations
  • Quick and easy sealing and maintenance practices 


Installation Guide

“Oceanside Glass Tile’s Technical Services provides a personable, professional experience allowing customers to interact one-on-one with a "live" technical expert. They listen to your individual needs, project scope and provide easy to follow solutions (including installation instructions) aligned with the industry's leading recommendations, which gives their customer's peace of mind throughout the design process from start to finish. OGT takes pride in their people, products and customers. ”

- Allison Birkmeyer, Dal-Tile Corporation